Fly-Tyer's Work Table
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Finally, A work surface designed for the way you tie.
Fly-Tyer's Work Table
Starting with a urethane finished thermoformed table, and a frame made of black lacquered solid wood, this table provides the tyer with
a durable surface and a handsome piece of furniture that will look great anywhere.

Designed by fly-tyers, the tabletop is one of the largest available. Incorporated into this are six trays, three on each side for storage or for staging hooks, beads, etc.

The table can be ordered in two configurations. The first (Basic) being a standard work surface for the tyer utilizing a pedestal base vise. The second (Plus) option provides a solid brass collar, interchangeable for either right or left hand configuration.

The Regal Fly-tyers work table is available for purchase for $399.00 + Shipping. As a great addition, a Regal Standard Vise with stem can be added for $135.00 for a total of $534.00 + Shipping, and for a limited time, we will include a FREE bobbin holder. (A $45.00 value.) The table can be shipped via UPS directly to any address throughout the U.S. and Canada.
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